State Flags Polyester

State Flags Polyester

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All Star Flags has state flags for sale in our durable 2ply Polyester fabric. This is the toughest flag fabric available and is well suited for high wind areas.

We have a wide selection of polyester state flags to choose from, including all 50 US states. Show your patriotism and purchase one of our polyester state flags for sale at a low price. Click on the state flag you wish to purchase below, and you’ll see a variety of size options to choose from. Whatever the reason or occasion for your need, you can count on All Star Flags to have some of the highest quality US state flags for sale anywhere.

Interested in USA state flags? Show your patriotism and buy one of the many state flags available on our site. Many USA state flags feature vignette scenes of local landmarks or particular scenic views like Montana’s placid lakeside image, Vermont’s scene around a large evergreen tree, or South Dakota’s image of smokestacks and plow horses. Other states turn to imagery, such as Massachusetts portrayal of a Native American, the bison of Wyoming’s flag, or the palm and the moon on South Carolina’s flag. Color is also hugely important and will typically represent the state’s colors, often overlapping the national colors of red, white and blue.

Many people buy state flags to represent not only their local pride but the understanding that they are part of a whole, and that part is as interesting and unique as any other. Every state is on equal footing, and showing your patriotism only further exemplifies that.

All of the polyester state flags we carry provide you with a unique opportunity to show your patriotism and fly them with pride. Don’t forget to visit our other pages to view the wide variety of flags we showcase on our site. From American flags to custom digitally printed flags, we can assist in all your flag needs at

Check out our complete selection of polyester state flags for sale below.

**Polyester State Flags are in extremely short supply and your order may come with a long lead time for delivery when ordering polyester state flags. Please contact us prior to purchasing if you need your polyester state flag urgently to confirm availability.**