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The flags used by the South in the Civil War are still popular even today. All Star Flags has all Confederate flags for sale online, from the Bonnie Blue to the classic Stars and Bars. The flags of the Confederacy stir a wide range of emotions in people even still today. Some view these flags as merely part of our country's history. Other groups view all Confederate flags on two extremes: some view the flag with pride as a symbol of southern heritage, while others feel the flags are symbolic of hatred and racism. Here, you can buy confederate flags online.

The Bonnie Blue Flag: This flag was raised in January of 1861 in Mississippi when the people of Mississippi signed and adopted an Ordinance of Secession.

The First Confederate Flag: The (official) First Confederate flag is commonly referred to as the Stars & Bars. The flag featured three horizontal stripes, alternating red/white/red and a blue canton. The blue canton features a circle of stars ranging from 7 to 15 stars. The original flag featured 7 stars and more stars were added as states joined the Confederacy.

The Second Confederate Flag: The Second Confederate flag was adopted in 1863 and is commonly referred to as the Stainless Banner. The Second Confederate flag has a white field and the Southern Cross as the canton.

The Third Confederate Flag: The Third Confederate flag was adopted in 1865 and is sometimes called The Final Edition. This flag is nearly identical to the Second Confederate but features a vertical red stripe on the fly end of the field.

Confederate Battle Flag: The Confederate Battle flag or Confederate Navy Jack is the flag that is most popularly recognized even today. This design was used by the Confederate Navy but has widely become the overall symbol of the Confederacy in the Civil War. The flag is commonly referred to as The Confederate flag in today's society. It is also one of the most popular confederate flags for sale on this site.


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