South Dakota State Flags Polyester

South Dakota adopted its first state flag in 1909, a decade after achieving statehood. This official flag featured a golden sun with the words “South Dakota” above and “The Sunshine State” below, also in gold. On the reverse side was the Great Seal of the State of South Dakota picturing a steamboat on a river with a farmer plowing a field in the foreground and mountains in the distance. Above the scene on a ribbon is the state motto “Under God the People Rule.” Since it was more expensive to produce a flag with different designs on each side, the legislature passed a bill adding the seal to the center of the sun and making the design the same on both sides. South Dakota conceded “The Sunshine State” motto to Florida in 1992 when legislation was enacted changing the official state motto to “The Mount Rushmore State.” Flags made prior to July 1, 1992, however, remained legal until supplies were depleted.