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Custom Flags

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Custom flag designs, personalized banners, and decals have long been one of our specialties. Colorful company flags project competence and permanence. No other medium can project your company or organization’s public image more effectively than an individually designed custom flag, banner, or decal. That is why the world’s largest companies like Texaco, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s use personalized flags as a key part of their advertising programs.

With several different manufacturing techniques available, we can make customized flags with any type, color mix, or logo style required. Like our founder has long said, “If they can draw an idea on a napkin, we can make it into a flag!” We have years of experience delivering the impossible job. Whether individually embroidered by hand or printed in large quantities, our painstaking attention to detail assures that our custom flag designs will be of uncompromising quality and durability.

Our personalized flags are perfect for company flags, special events, gifts and corporate branding. All Star Flags line of custom feather flags, custom blade flags, teardrop banners and feather dancer flags are great at getting your message delivered. If you have other custom flag or banner needs, please go to the custom flag section of the website and fill out a custom flag quote request.

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