American Flag - Outdoor Polyester American Flags

American Flag - Outdoor <b>Polyester</b> American Flags
American Flag - Outdoor <b>Polyester</b> American Flags American Flag - Outdoor <b>Polyester</b> American Flags American Flag - Outdoor <b>Polyester</b> American Flags American Flag - Outdoor <b>Polyester</b> American Flags



Polyester Fabric: All Star Flags features polyester American Flags for sale that are proudly Made in the USA. The polyester American flag material is a 2-ply, spun woven polyester material. These polyester U.S. flags are the best fabric for high wind environments. The open weave of the heavy-duty polyester flag fabric will help reduce the fabric stress on this outdoor American flag. Our polyester U.S. flags are the longest lasting material we offer. It is a popular choice especially for large flags that fly year round. This outdoor American flag has the authentic look of a traditional cotton or canvas flag, but provides modern day durability. The colors are deep and rich and the fabric is fade resistant

Quality Sewing/Manufacturing: All of our US Flags feature LOCK STITCHING with color matched thread for greater resistance to fraying. This outdoor American flag is constructed using double-needle seams with back stitch reinforcement on the sewn stripes. We use a premium, extra strength polyester thread for excellent durability in any condition. Flag sizes 16"x14" through 12'x18' have large, densely filled embroidered stars. Sizes 15'x25' and larger have appliqued stars.

Each polyester U.S. flag is finished with a canvas duck header. The header comes complete with brass grommets for attaching to flagpole. Sizes 8'x12' and larger have a roped canvas header with galvanized metal thimble for extra strength.

Each outdoor American flag through size 6'x10' is made with four rows of lock stitching and flags 8'x12' and larger feature six rows of lock stitching on the fly end. This extra craftsmanship will help your polyester U.S. flag stay fray resistant longer!

FMAA: All our nylon American flags are Made in the USA. Every US flag is required to be labeled with the country of origin. All our US flags feature Made in the USA markings and as an extra assurance our flags feature the FMAA stamp. The FMAA is the Flag Manufacturers Association of America and their “Certified Made in the U.S.A. ” certifies that your American flag has been made in the U.S. of materials that are domestic in origin and that all processes in every step of its manufacture were completed in U.S. facilities with U.S. labor. Feel confident that in purchasing a polyester American flag from All Star Flags that great care is taken in guaranteeing that your flag is sourced and made domestically. Look for our Made in the USA and FMAA stamps on each of our products.

Recommended Flag Sizes:

3x5' Flag - 20' Flagpole

4x6' Flag - 25' Flagpole

5x8' Flag - 30' Flagpole

6x10' Flag - 35' Flagpole

8x12' Flag - 40' Flagpole

10x15' Flag - 45-50' Flagpole

12x18' Flag - 50-60' Flagpole

15x25' Flag - 60-70' Flagpole

20x30' Flag - 70-80' Flagpole

30x60' Flag - 100-120' Flagpole

Polyester American Flag Care Tips:

1. Only flags made specifically for exterior use should be flown outdoors.

2. Take down your flag prior to storms whenever possible.

3. Minimizing your flag’s exposure to rain, snow, or abnormally high winds will increase its life considerably.

4. Do not place a flag where the wind will whip it against rough or sharp surfaces to avoid tearing.

5. If damage occurs, the worn part should be cut off and hemmed.

6. Do not fold or roll up a wet or damp flag.

7. Should your flag become wet, it must be spread out and allowed to dry completely.

8. Wet flags will likely mildew and cause damage to the fabric.

9. A clean flag will last the longest.

10. Pollutants in the air can get into the fabric and cause it to degrade.

11. Keep your flag away from chemicals and petroleum products.

12. Outdoor flags can be hand washed with warm water and a mild soap and then spread out and allowed to dry.

13. Do not allow your flag to stand in wash water.

14. Indoor flags are usually damaged by neglect.

15. If possible, long exposure to direct sunlight on your indoor flag should be avoided.

16. Professional dry cleaning is recommended for indoor/parade flags.

17. Transporting your flag in a carrying case before and after parade use is recommended.

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