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10 Best State Flag Designs – by USA Today

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

The people at (A division of USA Today), recently posted one of their surveys on the best State Flag Designs. Those that read the article and voted in the survey selected New Mexico as the best designed state flag. New Mexico was followed in the voting by: Colorado, Texas, California, New Hampshire, Arizona, Ohio, Alaska, Michigan and Kansas. Did your state make the list? The designs of many state flags are deep in traditions. Some flags feature state seals and motto’s while others feature symbols or particular color combinations. Ohio boast the only state flag that is not rectangular in shape and this could be what landed them on the 10 Best list. The Texas flag has long been a favorite of many people. All Star Flags was surprised to see Kansas, Michigan and New Hampshire on the list as these designs are some of the more typical for state flags. We were surprised that Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee and South Carolina weren’t on the list. These flags are usually viewed as extremely popular designs.

To learn more about the origin of each state flag, read our article:

New Mexico