Telescoping Feather Flag Flagpole Assembly Guide

12' Telescoping Feather Flag Flagpole Assembly Guide

Preferred In-Ground Installation:

Dig a hole that is 9” deep by 8-10” wide (depending on soil condition – larger hole for more sandy soil).  Place the PVC ground sleeve into the ground mix concrete.  Pour the concrete around the sleeve while keeping the sleeve straight (plumb).  Allow the concrete foundation and sleeve to dry and setup overnight before installing flagpole.

Ground Sleeve                       Ground Sleeve Installed

Temporary In-Ground Installation:
Dig a hole that is 9” deep by 6” wide and install the PVC ground sleeve.  Make certain the PVC sleeve is straight (plumb) and pack soil back around sleeve to firm up the packed soil foundation.  The pole can be displayed upon completion.

Portable Installation:
Use the portable ground spike (sold separately) and push skinny black spike into the ground.  Slide the PVC sleeve over the larger end of the portable ground spike and install feather flag pole into the sleeve.

Portable Ground Spike Installation

Assembling The Pole:
Remove the top black rubber cap/plug (do not remove the bottom plug).  Inside will be hardware screws/pins.  Remove the screws/pins and set aside.  Extend the smallest section out first.   Extend the section until it begins to tighten.  You will see a small pilot hole that is used for alignment. 

Pilot Hole

Align the pilot hole with the larger hole in the next section and continue to extend the section until the pilot hole extends about ½” above the next section.  You should see two holes aligning at this point.  Insert the screws/pins and repeat for the next sections.  The friction of the joint will keep the pole extended and the screws/pins lock the sections even more securely.

Screw in locking hole

Reinstall the black rubber cap on top of the top (smallest) section.  The cap will fit over the top of the pole.

Top Cap

Slide the pole up into the sleeve of the flag until the rubber cap is in the reinforced top section of the flag.  Locate the two-piece velcro tab in the flag. 


Peel the tab apart and with the flag installed tightly against the top of the pole, remove the plastic backing from the velcro strip and apply to the flagpole.  The flag will then attach to the pole with the velcro strip sewn into the flag.  This will keep the flag from moving up the pole.

Velcro                    Velcro Flag Attachment

12' Telescoping Feather Flag Flagpole

Portable Ground Spike

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By Chad Creech, All Star Flags