Flag Sizing, Cleaning, & Proper Display | All Star FAQs


1. How do I know what size flag to buy?
A: The most common house size flag for a pole mounted to a structure is 3’x5’. Of course some limitations may warrant flying a smaller flag. The general rule of thumb for in-ground poles is the length of the flag should be at least ¼ the height of the pole. Flags flown under the U.S. flag (state, corporate, etc.) may be the same size or one size smaller. See the Flag Size Guide on this site as an easy reference for help determining your flag size.

2. What is the proper way to display my U.S. flag?
A: There are multiple guidelines for displaying an American flag as put forth in The Flag Code of the United States – Public Law 94-344. Visit the Flag Etiquette section for more information regarding these guidelines.

3. How do I know what type of material my flag should be made of?
A: There are several different fabrics designed for indoor and outdoor flag use. The Flag Fabric Selection Guide will help you determine which fabric is right for you.

4. How do I clean my flag?
A: Some flags can be machine washed, while others should be handled with greater care. Note: Never machine wash an older flag. Visit the Flag Care Tips section on our site for suggestions about caring for your flag. You may also contact your local dry cleaner for care suggestions.

5. How long will my flag last?
A: There is no simple answer to this question. How long a flag will last is determined by many factors including the elements, care, and use. The harsher the environment, the harder it is on your flag. Taking down your flag in extreme conditions and never storing it wet may help you extend the life of your flag. See the Flag Care Tips section of our site for more information on this topic.

6. Is it okay to display a U.S. flag with fewer than 50 stars?
A: As long as the flag was once an official U.S. flag, it will always be recognized as such.

7. How can I be sure I am buying flags that have been made in the U.S.A?
A: All of our flags are made with American quality and know-how in the U.S.A.  Always check your flag labels, those that are Made in the U.S.A. will be tagged as such like our flags are.

8. Can I fly my American flag on my car?
A: No American flags are designed to withstand the stress placed on the fabric and stitching at highway speeds. Even smaller “car” flags are made to be used for short periods of time. Attaching a flag to your vehicle can be dangerous and is not recommended.

9. How do I know when to fly my flag at half-mast?
A: Click on the All Star Flags scrolling marquee at the top of our homepage for half-mast details state by state.

10. How do I properly dispose of my American flag?
A: As stated in the Flag code of the United States, when a flag is in a condition that is no longer a fitting emblem of display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning. Many veteran and civic organizations will assist you with this at no charge. The section Retiring Your American Flag will provide you with more information on this topic.


By Chad Creech, All Star Flags