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Columbus Day Flags

This Monday, October 10th, is Columbus Day, and whether or not you are a fan of Christopher Columbus you may be interested to know more about one of our favorite topics: his flags! Columbus’ fleet of three ships, the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria, made its infamous voyages flying some very interesting flags. Columbus, as admiral of the fleet, flew the royal standard (a white flag carrying a heraldic eagle) and his two captains flew the fleet’s ensign flag. The ensign flag consisted of a green maltese cross with an “F” and “Y” on either side. The old gothic letters were adorned with golden crowns for King Fernando of Aragon and Sicily and Ysabel, queen of Castile and Leon. To top things off, from Christopher Columbus’ ship, Santa Maria, flew a pennant as long as the mast bearing royal arms, a crucifix, and the words “Tanto Monta” meaning “One Is Equal to the Other,” the motto of Fernando and Ysabel.

*Images from Flags of the World

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