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Christian Flag Controversy

The small town of King, NC (outside Winston-Salem) has garnered national attention this month over the display of the Christian flag on public property.  A Christian flag had flown above a war memorial that rested on a public park.  One citizen petitioned the City Council that the Christian flag shouldn’t be displayed on public property due to the separation of church and state.  The ACLU and other organizations backed the citizen and the City Council ordered the flag to be removed.  The residents of King  fought back.  Local veteran’s groups gained permission for display of a temporary Christian  flag  through  a protest application; this was granted and the flag has been guarded 24 hours a day since.  Visitors to the park are up tremendously and vendors have made there way selling merchandise to support the Keep the Flag movement.  Christian flags are now prominantely displayed all over town on business and private properties.  All Star Flags has supplied many of these flags; our sales of Christian flags are about triple the normal amount and the movement that started in King seems to be spreading across North Carolina.  The proponents of the Christian flag have planned a rally for this Saturday to express their desire to see the flag returned permanantely to the monument.  The issue is still tied up at the city council level at this time. 

Yet again, flags are showing that they ellicit passions not stirred by many other objects in our lives today.

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