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Half-Staff Virginia Flags – Honoring the Honorable J. Curtis Fruit

Virginia Flags to fly at half-staff Tuesday, February 28th through Friday, March 2nd in the city of Virginia Beach in honor of former Clerk of the Circuit Court of Virginia Beach, Honorable J. Curtis Fruit.

2 Responses to “Half-Staff Virginia Flags – Honoring the Honorable J. Curtis Fruit”

  1. C White Says:

    Please update your Page announcing flags are being flown at half-staff in Virginia Beach in Memory for the Honorable J. Curtis Fruit. Thank you so very much. Respectfully,
    C. White

  2. Chad Says:

    Thanks for your comment. We apologize for the omission of the Honorable title in the original post. It has been corrected. We appreciate your interest. All Star Flags

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