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Half-Staff Flags, Charleston, SC

American Flags and South Carolina Flags to fly at half-staff Thursday, August 4th in Charleston, SC in honor of Judge Matthew Perry.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley released the following statement:

“Matthew Perry was a man of historic proportions in the history of South Carolina and our country. He was a gentle man, soft spoken, kind and caring, gracious, polite, with an easy smile readily available, a warm heart and an extended hand in friendship.”

“He was also a towering force for civil rights, racial justice and human progress. His gentle nature belied a will of steel.  His mind was razor sharp; his creative capacity was enormous, which enabled him to successfully defend hundreds of people unfairly charged with civil rights violations and gain admission into Clemson for another one of our country’s great leaders, Harvey Gantt.”

“I was proud to call Judge Perry a friend.  In honor of and in respect for Judge Perry, flags on City of Charleston owned buildings and properties will be flown at half-mast on Thursday, the day of his funeral.”

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