Navy Flag Decal - 3.25" x 5"

Navy Flag Decal - 3.25" x 5"


Navy flag decal suitable for display outdoors.



3.25" x 5" US Navy Flag decal. They are screen printed with a double pass of inks for quality, printed on thick mil vinyl stock and laminated with high gloss UV coated laminate and water proof. Great for cars, trucks, vans, RV’s boats, travel trailers, motor homes, etc... Decals are Made in the USA.
This dark navy blue flag features a yellow banner with the words "United States Navy" written below the seal of the Department of the Navy. The seal of the Navy was created in 1951 and placed on the flag two years later. It portrays an eagle with wings outspread, seemingly defending a ship at sea. Similar to the other branches of the military, the Navy also utilizes battle streamers to signify their major battles. There are 28 streamers that date from the Revolutionary War through Desert Storm. The Navy flag is third in order of precedence on occasions of public flag displays.

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