Cowpens Flag - Nylon - 3x5'

Cowpens Flag - Nylon - 3x5'


3x5' historical Cowpens Flag from All Star Flags.



3x5' Cowpens Flag. This nylon flag is digitally dyed for excellent outdoor performance and durability. The flag comes with the standard canvas header and brass grommets and feature four rows of lock stitching on the fly end. Try a historical flag from All Star Flags.
The Cowpens flag is believed to date back to the 1780s. The flag was said to have been displayed following the American victory at the Revolutionary War battle in Cowpens, SC. The Cowpens flag is also referred to as the 3rd Maryland Regiment flag. The 3rd Maryland Regiment is believed to have contributed greatly to the victory at Cowpens. However, this is debated by some historians who claim that either none or only a small portion of the 3rd Maryland were even present at Cowpens. Forces from Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia regiments were all part of the battle.

The Cowpens flag is made up of thirteen alternating red and white stripes and a blue canton. Within the canton lies a circle of stars, totaling 12 stars, and an additional star in the center of the circle to make 13 total stars on the flag.