General Fremont Flag - Nylon - 3x5

General Fremont Flag - Nylon - 3x5'


3x5' historical General Fremont flag from All Star Flags.



3x5' General Fremont flag. This nylon flag is digitally dyed for excellent outdoor performance and durability. The flag comes with the standard canvas header and brass grommets and feature four rows of lock stitching on the fly end. Try a General Fremont historical flag from All Star Flags.
The General Fremont Flag was one of the more unusual US flag designs. The Flag featured the 13 stripes, alternating red and white like the American Flag, but the canton had 26 stars and the image of an Eagle. The rows of stars were in two curved lines. The Flag was carried by General Fremont as he explored the western territories. The original flag had a white canton with blue stars and eagle but current versions of the flag are instead represented with a blue canton with white stars and eagle.